Best Juicy Couture Jewelry

Juicy Couture Jewelry

What: A sweet elephant charm with pave stones hanging on the end of a delicate gold chain.

Why: Part of Juicy Couture’s summer 2016 jewelry collection, the bauble takes its inspiration from the Sahara. "Elephants can be sophisticated, cute, and a good luck charm all at the same time (if their trunk is up!)," Juicy Couture jewelry design director Jack Brennan tells StyleCaster. "We felt that an elephant was perfect for summer."

How: "These necklaces are all really great layering pieces," Brennan recommends. "They are easy to accessorize any summer outfit. They are also collectible and we see the Juicy girl holding onto them for other summers to come!"

Elephant Pendant Necklace, $28; at Juicy Couture Outlet.